State 7on7: Rider eliminated, coaches happy with competition level

State 7on7 Rider bracket highlights, plus coaches reactions



Rider loses to Cedar Hill 33-13

The experience and chemistry gained during state 7-on-7 is something several area coaches say will greatly benefit them come August.

“7 on 7 is not real football," Rider head coach Marc Bindel said talking about the takeaways from the weekend. "It’s fun and you’re competing and you want to do well but more than anything we want to come together as a team and move forward toward the fall and get better that way.”

“Any time you get to go out there and play football at a high level and compete with the some of the best athletes in the state," Hirschi head coach Antonio Wiley said. "The kids have no choice but to get better from there.”

“The experience we had down here and the success that we had down here is going to pay dividends down the road" City View head coach Rudy Hawkins said. "We know that we can play with the best of the best in the state of Texas in passing league so let’s just try to do the rest in football season.”

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