Wichita Falls tech school becoming full-time private school

Wichita Falls tech school becoming full-time private school

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The second floor of Big Blue is undergoing quite the transformation. The tech school Dexter Learning is expanding their classroom space and becoming a full-time private school.

CEO of Michael Olaya is buzzing with excitement, “Last year we had about 3,000 sq. ft. Beginning of August we'll have 10,000 sq. ft.”

Olaya said the school will serve as a complete replacement for their traditional schooling.

Tuition is set at 465 dollar per month, which Olaya states is about half the costs of a traditional private school.

The founders of the school said their goal is to make education accessible and reduce costs through their use of technology.

The first full-time class will be made up of 20 students who will have to apply and be interviewed. “We’re looking to choose students around grit, individual responsibility, so we’re selecting from that group of interviews,” Olaya said.

Students will be required to keep up with the self-paced curriculum, which has always been a main component of the school when it started as a workshop that introduced kids to STEM the field.

Olaya credits the school’s growth to the local community that has invested their time and funds by taking classes like computer programming and computer design.

Another reason Dexter Learning has been able to expand is by receiving $100,000 from the Launch fund, a California based company that invests in innovative projects all over the world.

Taylor Davis with the Chamber of Commerce feels that the education Dexter Learning offers to kids will have a positive impact on the city’s future workforce.

“With every generation coming, there's going to be new challenges and new benefits of having that generation in the workforce. So the more ways we're able to give that information to them, make it fun and easy for them to digest, as well as promoting innovativeness of what could be, is great.” She said.

Building young minds to be future leaders in Wichita Falls is what Olaya said Dexter is all about. It is why he opened the school in his hometown just two years ago.

“Over the past two years the impact we’ve had on our students has been just so transformational. I think to really take it into overdrive, we need to really focus on workforce development and re-skilling our population. If we can do that for this community it puts these students in a really, really powerful place.” he said.

Olaya stated that upon graduation students will receive a transcript that is recognized by colleges and universities. Dexter Learning is on track to be accredited in the next three to five years.

Olaya also added that they will work to expand their accommodation for special needs students as the school continues to grow.

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