A very warm 4th of July today

KAUZ News Channel 6 at 6pm - 07/04/19 Weather

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - With your first alert forecast I’m first alert meteorologist Garrett James. Happy 4th y’all. For the duration of your 4th of July we will see some blistering real feel temperatures. Temperatures will be fairly warm for the rest of the evening with our high for the day being in the mid 90s across Texoma. However there is good and bad news for your 4th of July. Good news is most of us will stay dry. However some strays showers and a rumble or two of thunder may be possible near Graham around dinner time but it will be short lived so don’t cancel any outdoor plans you may have. Overnight tonight we will see some clouds developing across the area after midnight and they will stick around until sunrise. Low for tonight will me in the mid to lower 70s across Texoma. There could be a slight shower in the morning after sunrise. But most everyone will stay dry. However an afternoon shower for tomorrow can’t be ruled out either. But it’s more summertime showers, we won’t see anything crazy by any means. Temperatures for the rest of the week will slowly warm up and we could even reach triple digits by the end of next week.

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