Scattered showers and storms remain in the forecast

NC6 Saturday 6pm - 07/06/2019 Weather

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - We have had some showers and storms this afternoon and evening. Mainly these have been normal summertime showers. However, temperatures thankfully haven’t been as hot today thanks to most of the rain cooling us off. Temperatures have stayed in the 80s after the outflow boundary moved through the area. Honestly today felt like a nice early spring day. Tonight temperatures will drop into the mid 70s once again. Tomorrow temperatures will return into the mid 90s and we have another chance for some summertime showers and storms. They will be very wide spread, so we’re giving it a 20% chance of rain. However we have more rain chances this week and temperatures look to be getting a little warmer and warmer as we approach the middle of next week.

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