Wichita Falls holds mitigation planning meeting

Mitigation Action Planning Meeting

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Tornadoes, flooding and wildfires are all disasters that Wichita Falls has faced. The city’s emergency management is making plans on what to do in case natural disasters hit again.

Every five years the city of Wichita Falls has to create a Mitigation Action Plan. Mitigation planning deals with the steps taken after a disaster has happened, such as the Wichita River flood in 2015 when the river rose to record breaking levels.

The emergency management office works with Sheppard Air Force Base, United Regional, the Wichita County Health Department and other first responders to come up with the mitigation action plan.

Emergency Management Volunteer Dave Goodrich said mitigation action plans are a FEMA requirement if a local government wants to receive grants for mitigation projects in case of a natural disaster. One example of mitigation project is what Wichita County did after the flood in 2015.

“One of the things that we found was that the river had become somewhat clogged and it slowed down the flow of the water. We hired a contractor and they have gone through and cleaned up the river so that the flow is faster so that the water - if we have another flood - should not be as deep as it would have been otherwise,” Goodrich stated.

The Emergency Management Office is interested in the public giving their input on these plans because, Goodrich said, people know how a natural disaster may affect them and their input helps improve planning.

The office is planning to hold another public meeting in early August.

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