High temperatures put elderly in danger

High temperatures put elderly in danger

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Some Wichita Falls organizations are changing routines to make sure elderly people are safe in the heat.

Joe Jordan’s favorite spot is out back on his patio.

When temperatures rise, it’s harder for the recent open heart surgery patient to stay out for long.

"The hotter it gets the more pains I have, early in the morning and it’s not hot out there I don’t have much pain when I go out there after lunch and I’ve got terrific chest pains."

His wife and Visiting Angels help make sure Jordan doesn’t stay out long enough to accidentally hurt himself.

“Our protocol is to just make sure our elderly population, our clients that we serve, have enough fluids, that their environment in their home is safe,” Visiting Angels owner Derik Schneider said.

Being exposed to heat can lead to multiple health problems.

Heat stroke and exhaustion are common problems, hypertension is a threat for those with high blood pressure as well.

Schneider has tips to keep those problems at bay.

“Drink water ahead of time way before you get thirsty, be precautious about being outside between 10 and 2 because that’s just the hottest time of the day,” he said.

For now, Jordan will just hope for cooler days so he can do his favorite thing, a little longer.

“I just enjoy sitting out there and enjoy the birds and the bees and the sounds coming from everywhere.”

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