WFISD talk specifics of Long Range Facilities Plan

WFISD talk school consolidation and construction ...

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) -Wichita Falls school board leaders spent the day hammering out the district's Long Range Facility Plans.

WFISD Superintendent Micheal Khurt told board members that he had two goals today:

First, to get an idea on the board's direction and second was to get a clear picture of timelines.

"We talked about a one high school model or two high school model and coming up with what our middle schools will look like. Are we going to renovate schools or re-purpose schools that's what we did today." He adds.

"We plan to put together a bond package at our next meeting. That is August 8th we are planning to do that. Moreover, have a conversation about how much of a bond our community will support and how much we need and things like that," said Superintendent Kuhrt.

This long-range plan won't come without a hefty price tag.

"So the number is very large but will accomplish a lot, and it set Wichita Falls up and WFISD up to be a premier school district in this area," said Elizabeth Yeager, President, Board of Trustees.

Board members agree that new schools must be innovative and flexible.

"I think that's the big difference when designing a school. Things you can't get at home or on the computer are fine art spaces and extra athletic space. We can offer those, and I think we can focus on those spaces and focus on more flexible spaces less classroom less four walls with a teacher in their cause I thing fewer students want that option," said Kuhrt.

Superintendent Kuhrt and board members agree that whatever plan they choose it will be comprehensive and bold and cost-effective.

At the next board meeting which will take place on August 8th school board members are hoping to have flushed the plan out enough to have preliminary numbers for a bond proposal.

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