Wichita County Courthouse implementing new software system

Wichita County Court House implementing new software system

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Wichita County Court House is having to file data manually as they usher in a new software system.

Judge Woody Gossom said the Wichita County Jail’s previous booking process was repetitive and tedious. Now with new software, called the Tyler Odyssey System, data entry will be much more efficient.

“What this does, it’s a more integrated system. When someone is booked into jail, that information flows through the rest of the offices. So, we’re not reentering information at different phases,” Gossom stated.

The change has led Wichita County to create the Office of Bond Management which will operate under the Sheriff’s Office and take up some of the functions of the current Bond office as well as the Chief Magistrates Office (CMO).

Gossom said the transition to a more efficient digital system could mean some employee's services will no longer be needed. “More than likely it would. The senior CMO person has stayed on board with us. It's created some new jobs but not necessarily additional people,” he said.

Judge Gossom said the new software system will make finding information easier for the public as well. “It’s easier to look up cases to do backgrounds, looking up civil things, it’s going to be easier to do that. And people that do court research work it’ll be easier on them,” he said.

The new software system will be up and running on Monday, July 5.

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