American Red Cross North Texas prepares for Tropical Storm Barry

WF Red Cross prepares to help with Tropical Storm Barry

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) -The American Red Cross North Texas in Wichita Falls is already gearing up to help with Tropical Storm Barry that is forecasted to hit New Orleans area by Saturday.

Linda Stevenson, the Disaster Program Manager at the Wichita Falls Red Cross, says the next 72 hours are critical as they and many of us watch closely to see where the Tropical Storm goes and what it does.

“We started with having phone calls, and conference calls a few days ago, I believe. We started setting up and studying up for what we are going to be doing and what we are about to do. We are preparing all of our offices, especially those in the east, so they are ready to be possible shelters,” said Stevenson.

That is not all.

"We're also sending some of our people to Baton Rouge to stage just in case it really is a hurricane," said Stevenson

Along with helping set up shelters, meal plans, and other necessities Stevenson says they help evacuees reach out to their families.

“One of the other things that we will do to set up is a program that we call Safe and Well. So what we do is if they register at one of our shelters from the evacuated areas then families can look this up and see where their family members are,” said Stevenson.

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