Flyers coach using Italian experience for goalkeepers advantage

The story of Salvatore Capotosto, the Italian goalie coach for the Flyers

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The Falls Town Flyers are nearing their final game of the season and it’s been a successful first year as they brought in a lot of fresh faces to the area.

One of those is an assistant coach, who’s love of soccer has brought him across the Atlantic Ocean.

“It’s a passion that I start playing when I was six years old so I need to play," Flyers goalie coach Salvatore Capotosto said. "It’s like oxygen for me.

"When I realized that I could not play at a high level anymore... that’s when I started coaching.”

And that’s where he is now, coaching the Flyers goalkeepers.

But his story starts over 5,000 miles from here, in Italy, where he started playing soccer and Sal says his experience of travel has helped him in his coaching.

“So I left my hometown when I was 14 years old and then went to England for two weeks," the Italian native said. "Then I went back and I went to Naples, so I tell these kids to adapt to new places really fast.”

That adapting is exactly what he had to do himself when him and his fiancee moved to Texoma.

“At the beginning was very very different," Capotosto said. "My town is on the coast, I would count that as the beach or the sea. The summer was on the beach.

"Then I moved to Olney and Olney is a real rural place with 3,000 people so it was really hard to adapt.”

But he’s here now and though he says learning English has been hard, the game of soccer transcends the language barrier, just like the role of goalkeeper between the indoor and outdoor game.

“The goal of the goalie is to catch the ball, outdoor or indoor, just catch the ball," the assistant coach said.

“Never really got formal training before this as a goalkeeper so he knows what he’s doing," Flyers goalkeeper Carlos Gonzalez said. "[He] played at a high level before so getting that kind of training has helped a lot.”

And the training they have received has payed off.

The flyers have given up three or less goals twice this season and are averaging about five conceded goals a game since the first game.

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