Know the difference between heat stroke and heat exhaustion

Know the difference between heat stroke and heat exhaustion

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - When high temperatures and humidity cause extreme heat, it can take it’s toll on the body.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are common illnesses from heat.

They’re both dangerous, especially for people like the 6-on-6 all stars that were practicing earlier Thursday.

Heat stroke and heat exhaustion can cause serious injury.

“Age doesn’t matter everybody is susceptible to having heat exhaustion, heat issues, muscle fatigue, sickness,” Megan Gibson, fitness and wellness director of the Bill Bartley Family Branch YMCA, said.

Jeremy Woodward is the head athletic trainer with united sports medicine.

He says watching your diet helps keep the body running smoothly.

“Fattier foods, you don’t want to have a lot of greasier foods those are gonna be what you have in low moderation, carbs are going to be one of the better things to metabolize and provide your energy for,” Woodward said.

Even if you’re indoors out of the sun, water is the most important thing to have.

“Properly hydrate before you come to a workout and after a workout,” Gibson said.

The heat will still make a difference after the workout.

“Just in a facility like this our workouts can be extreme and in one workout somebody could deplete their entire water source and need to constantly stay hydrated,” Gibson said.

It also helps to prepare before doing a workout or even just working outside.

Stretching can help the muscles, but just being outside in the heat can prepare the body overall.

“We do need a period of time where you get acclimated to your environment," Woodward said. ":Work in spurts workout and train in spurts.”

Those heat illnesses will lead to a lot of sweating, unless it is a heat stroke.

If someone is overheating and not sweating, that means to call 911 as soon as possible.

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