Old Settlers Reunion begins in Seymour tonight

Old Settlers Reunion and Rodeo starts today

SEYMOUR, Texas (TNN) -The 123rd Rodeo & Reunion begins this Friday night in Seymour Texas, and many members of the Seymour community are excited.

“Here at the Seymour Rodeo a lot of people don’t realize that there are 123 years of excitement. We are going to be packing in the bleachers with exciting rodeo from the United professional Rodeo Association, so you have contestants from all over the world coming right here to Seymour Texas,” said Wes Huggins, the Rodeo Announcer.

This event is one of the biggest and longest-running events for the town. Hundreds come from everywhere to attend. The Rodeo also offers opportunities to everyone from amateur riders to DJ’s.

“I threw my name out there. I wanted to help my community and whatever I could to help, and he said can you DJ. I said heck yeah I always wanted to DJ the rodeo so this is my first time and I’m excited that he got me out here, ” said D.J Chris.

Some of the highlights include newer events like double mugging and donkey riding and then of course your typical rodeo fun.

“Well my job I have a couple of different jobs one is to fill the lulls when something happens I’m going to keep everyone laughing and Its also for protection so during the bull riding is going to be sitting in a barrel cause that kind like home base,” said Cody Cooper, Rodeo Hobo.

The family-friendly event will have bounce-houses, a parade and old settlers events with free food and plenty of other activities for all ages to support the town that support them.

“It takes us all, it takes the whole town to put this on,” said Shad Sturgeon, Rodeo President.

Proceeds from the concession stand will go to the Seymour volunteer firefighter.

The event will take place at Seymour Rodeo grounds

1208 E Archer Rd Seymour, Texas

Friday General Admission is $8

Children 3-12 $5

Saturday Admission dance included $12

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