Car companies are using technology to prevent child car deaths

Car companies are using technology to prevent child car deaths

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Sixteen children have died from vehicular heat stroke already this year, and Texas leads the nation in hot car deaths.

A child dying after being left in a hot car is a tragedy that can happen to anyone. It is why car companies are coming up with technology in hopes of stopping children from being forgotten in cars.

Nissan’s newest models, for example, have a sensor that can tell when a rear door has been opened, and closed, and not reopened again. It is called door sensing technology.

“Once the vehicle is parked, the door is shut and locked, and the rear door was not opened, the vehicle will honk and let the driver know ‘Hey you forgot something you might want to go back and check',” said Nissan of Wichita Falls Digital Director Chris Cornman.

GMC and Kia have released new cars with similar technology.

Father of 2 Jacob Renshaw said while he has never worried that he would ever forget his kids in the car, for those who might, he thinks the sensors being put in cars is a lifesaving invention. “It’s a really good idea because you do have parents out there that don’t necessarily intend to leave their kids in the car, but a lot of them don’t pay attention depending on how big of a hurry they’re in,” Renshaw stated.

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