Faith Refuge opens transitional home for women

Faith Refuge opens transitional home for women

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Faith Mission Faith Refuge is opening a new transitional home for the women in its program, to give them another stepping stone before self-sufficiency.

“Victory House” gives them more independence without pulling all the support the shelter gives.

They still have requirements to meet to live there, but directors are excited for these women and the opportunity it gives them.

“They’ll learn how to live together, they’ll learn about running a household, they’ll learn about living together close in a house with other people, so we’re hoping there’s a whole lot of soft skills that come with being in the home itself,” Faith Mission CEO Steve Sparks said.

Six women can live in the house up to a year and they’ll be evaluated every three months. The shelter will look at things like their behavior, personal budgeting and saving goals, their job and transportation needs.

“All of those are going to require growth, in order for them to stay they’re going to need to continue to grow toward that place where they’re actually ready to move on,” Sparks said.

Janet Leigh says the Victory House is the last step towards full independence.

She runs New Beginnings, a program that helps recovering addicts at the shelter.

“As they transition out hopefully they have a hold of that addiction that’s what we’ve been working on, so now they’ll go out and learn to be self-sufficient," Leigh said.

This is the second transitional home for Faith Mission, a men’s home was opened 9 months ago and is graduating its fourth resident soon.

Sparks says the average time spent in the home has been three to six months and he expects that to be similar at the women’s home.

The women will move into the home on Victory Avenue in September and it is named Victory House for the street.

Faith Mission will be looking for furniture in the coming month and a half. If you’d like to donate you can contact the shelter at 940.723.5663 or 940.322.4673.

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