Need for teachers extends further than WFISD

Need for teacher extends further than WFISD

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Burkburnett does not have the same need for teachers as Wichita Falls, but superintendent Tylor Chaplin said his district is still under the same pressure of competition for teachers with bigger districts.

“Sometimes the salaries in the metroplex are a little bit more attractive than what we can afford to offer,” said Chaplin.

“So for us to have the staff that we need to get, we need the same teachers that the metroplex has and trying to get them over here can be challenging,” said WFISD associate superintendent Peter Griffiths.

The bigger districts recruit new teachers straight out of college and pay them more.

Over time some teachers choose to return their hometowns to teach at their alma maters.

“I think young people out of college try to-are attracted to a metroplex area. Whereas as they get a little bit older and want to settle down with a family, oftentimes they’re attracted back to where they grew up,” said Chaplin.

Vernon ISD superintendent Jeff Byrd is experiencing similar issues in his district, but he said the problem is more than just young teachers moving to bigger cities.

“There are fewer teachers entering the teaching profession every year than the teachers that are retiring from the profession,” said Byrd.

He agreed that those bigger districts with the bigger salaries, no matter where in the state, offer potential teachers something hard to refuse.

“Who wouldn’t want to go make five to ten thousand dollars more a year? You certainly can’t fault them for that,” said Byrd.

Today WFISD announced that are also in need of counselors for the 2019-2020 school year.

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