Cooler days are ahead of us

KAUZ News Channel 6 Morning 07/22/2019 Weather

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Happy Monday y’all, today is going to be a great day. We have an unseasonable cold front coming into Texoma this morning that will help keep temperatures down for much of the week. For today we will have a high temperature near the 90 degree mark. All in all it will not be a bad day. We do have some very slim rain chances today that will be very light. In my opinion if you see a shower or any form of precipitation then you should consider yourself lucky. The wind will shift from the south to out of the north ranging from fifteen to twenty miles per hour. These winds will also produce some pretty strong gusts. This strong north winds will last for the next several days and will allow us to keep cool for the first half of this week. Temperatures on Tuesday will stay in the upper 80s and Wednesday we will see temperatures in the mid to upper 80s across Texoma. However after Wednesday the wind will shift to back out of the South and will start to bring the warmer air back into the region.

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