Family and friends of Yajaira Garcia demanding justice after suspects’s bond lowered

Family and friends of Yajaira Garcia demanding justice after suspects’s bond lowered

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Friends and family gathered at the home of Yajaira Garcia today in response to Joshua Cook’s bond lowering.

“We ask ourselves a lot of the time, you know, what’s the price for the life of a beautiful young lady, a smart young lady, talented with a bright future?” said Monse Benitez, a friend of Garcia.

The price right now is $300,000 for Cook to make bail.

Cook was originally considered a flight risk and suicidal, but last week his attorney appealed the bond asking for a more reasonable one to be set.

Today those close to Garcia gathered together to remind everyone of the young life lost.

“She had an amazing future ahead of her,” said Gonzalo Robles, the founder of Cafe Con Leche. “And he took it just like that. In one second. For no reason. Zero.”

Robles worked with Garcia to help her with her plans to attend college. He says for him there’s only one outcome he thinks is fair.

“The maximum penalty for this individual that took a life, but the life of a wonderful wonderful individual,” said Robles.

The friends that have spoken out about Garcia’s death say it hasn’t been easy, but it’s something they’re willing to do for her family.

" That’s something that we will do over and over and over again until our voices are being heard," said Brenda Adame, a friend of Garcia’s.

With Cook’s first trial date set, the one thing this community is asking of Wichita Falls is to help them fight for justice.

As of tonight, Cook does remain in jail with restrictions in place if he were to pay his bond.

News Channel 6 reported on Friday that a trial date has been set for February 2020 in the 30th district court.

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