Uber driver attacked by riders in Dallas

Uber driver attacked by riders in Dallas
Jordan Smith – Uber driver who was attacked. Via CBS DFW. (Source: CBS DFW)

Dallas, Texas (TNN) - An Uber driver from North Texas named Jordan Smith was attacked, stolen from and left on the side of the road by 4 men on the Fourth of July according to a CBS DFW report.

Smith told CBS DFW that he signed up to be an Uber driver because of large medical bills due to his daughter’s type 1 diabetes. He called July 4 a lucrative night.

The report says Smith picked up the four men in Deep Ellum, Dallas and took them to an apartment in the Knox-Henderson area of Dallas. He noticed one of the men stealing from his vehicle and Smith attempted to record it with his phone.

CBS DFW reports that Smith told them “He chunked it down the street. I went to go get it. When I got back to the van the lights were on, it was beeping, the key was gone. I asked them where it was. All I could see (fist motion) he went right here. I did kind of feel like I could die. He was hitting me so hard. It crushed this part of my jaw right here because it hit the street and he kept screaming.”

The men left Smith on the side of the road. Another Uber driver noticed him and Smith was able to get medical attention.

According to the report, Smith called the situation frustrating because he can’t work at the moment, and he has his mouth wired shut for the next six weeks due to a broken jaw.

Smith told CBS DFW he believes passengers should also have to pass a background check, like drivers do, before being able to use Uber’s service.

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