Triple digit heat is on the way

KAUZ News Channel 6 Saturday 10pm - 07/27/2019 Weather

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - We are still seeing just odd temperatures for this time of the year. Temperatures today have been in the mid 90s across Texoma, It’s been very dry as well. We are in the dry season of Texoma. However we might see some slight rain chances Monday. This is very slight rain chances. If you see any rain, I would consider yourself very lucky. However warmer temperatures are on the way to Texoma. The high pressure system out west will be moving into Texas over the next couple of days. By Tuesday we will feel these temperatures here. We will not be as hot as the panhandle however it will be some of the hotter temperatures we have seen this summer so far. Temperatures will be in the lower 100s for a few days next week. Tuesday is when we will really start to feel these temperatures start to heat up. Thankfully we will not be as humid as we saw a few weeks ago. Thus the real feel temperatures will be a lower as well. However they will still be in the mid 100s as well. All in all we will be fairly warm over the next few weeks.

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