Dallas bolsters backfield bringing back Morris

Cowboys add Morris, Romo talks curret Dallas team

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The clock keeps counting on Ezekiel Elliot's hold out from Dallas Cowboys Training Camp.

But the Cowboys aren’t just sitting around waiting to get Zeke back, they went an bolstered their backfield.

The Cowboys, like any other NFL team, are resourceful and while Zeke Elliot is not here at training camp, they say no problem.

That’s why they went back to the future in bringing back running back Alfred Morris while Zeke Elliott extends his off season.

“I wasn’t waiting on anyone in particular,” former Cowboys runner Alfred Morris said. “I was just waiting to see what happened, waiting on a good opportunity. It seemed like a good one so I came.”

Morris will be eased into training camp, familiar with the system he played with in Dallas from 2016-2017 and replaced Elliott during his six game suspension.

Despite the stable of young runners, the decision to bring him back was really a no-brainer.

“He was availbale to us," Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said. “Obviously Zeke is not here and he is a really good veteran player that we know and like. We wanted to keep him last year and he felt like it was a better opportunity in San Francisco and we had the chance to bring him back.”

“I just felt good feeling," Morris said. "I felt the Lord place on my heart so I wanted to be obedient so I chose it.”

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said they don't need a leading rusher to win the Super Bowl.

The irony is the four times they won, three of those were with Emmitt Smith.


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