WF Breastfeeding celebration spreads awareness

Published: Aug. 2, 2019 at 6:44 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) -The Wichita Falls Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program and the North Texas Area Breastfeeding Coalition in celebration of National Breastfeeding Month hosted an event at the Wichita Falls Public Library on Friday.

The (WIC) program and the North Texas Area Breastfeeding Coalition invited mothers to be empowered, and recognize the importance of breastfeeding the smallest members of society.

"Breastfeeding is important because its healthiest for mom and healthiest for baby. It helps mom after birth so that she can recover from birth, and it helps her with that. Also, the very first milk, colostrum that's the first milk we call it colostrum is like immunization for your baby without getting a shot. It's fabulous. Actually, that goes in the gut system, and it sets your baby's gut up for the rest of their lives," said Vickie Cluley, WIC Breastfeeding Specialist.

At this annual event, moms get to support one another, celebrate motherhood, and participate in a national event. Mothers that attended registered and got counted for "The Global Big Latch On" were women all around the world breastfeeding will be calculated this week.

"They latch a baby for a minute, and it's just a cool thing to be a part of."

Last year's global count was more than 20,000 women breastfeeding at the same time all around the globe.

"We actually had 18 moms all breastfeeding at one-time in here, so they get to count for the National Big Latch, so it is exciting."

Beyond raising awareness, there was no shortage of resources for moms.

"At WIC, we offer a lot of support. We help moms that are on WIC, and those that are not on WIC who can still qualify for breastfeeding, counseling, and help. We do phone counseling, in-clinic counseling, and we even offer home visits at no expense to the client," said Cluley

This year’s slogan is to “Empower parents, Enable breastfeeding” The aim is to include all parents.

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