WFISD improves campus security ahead of school year

WFISD security improvements

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - As parents get ready to send their kids back to school, they want to know their kids are safe. The Wichita Falls ISD is adding to their security systems this year.

Since 2015, the WFISD has been working to improve the safety and security of their schools., starting by revamping how and where people enter the buildings.

“When you come in you have to check in at a window or desk or with a person or something like that, before your allowed into the rest of the building," WFISD Superintendent Mike Kuhrt said.

At a board meeting last month the district also announced, the addition of new security cameras, which will replace all of the current ones.

“We’re going to have one uniform system, one uniform login, I can login from wherever I am and check out a camera anywhere in the district,” Kuhrt said.

Kuhrt also said law enforcement will have access to the cameras, having the ability to see what’s happening, from a live video feed. Teachers will also have a new app to use that’s called NaviGate, that keeps them prepared for emergencies.

“Teachers can open up the app and take attendance and it's updated on a regular basis and within thirty seconds we can know where everybody is in the building,” Kuhrt said, “any teacher can activate the system when they feel threatened.”

Parents told me they think the district is doing a good job on safety and have seen improvements in school security in recent years.

“It was the beginning of the her kindergarten year which made it safe for me because I’m a mom of just one so it made me feel better,” parent Brooke Shewmake said.

“I don’t have a problem sending my daughter to school, I don’t worry about her being in any danger because I know they have it handled,” parent Jeanette Perry said.

Khurt said during the school year parents can get updates on emergencies by checking the districts Facebook page, watching their email, and signing up for district alerts. Come August 15th the district’s new cameras will be the latest in their safety tools to protect their students.

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