Sean Lee embracing leadership, special teams role and Irvin speaks on Zeke’s holdout

Michael Irvin and others speak on Zeke's holdout

OXNARD, California (TNN) - When Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee suffered an injury a couple of days ago, a lot of folks held their breath; but the good news is it’s not serious and that’s a good thing because he’s a heart and soul of this Cowboys defense.

“(Drive) is something Coach Garrett has always pushing us to have,” Lee said. “A lot of times giving us an opportunity to speak in front of the team about how we feel, what the definition is and how different parts of our lived with the adversity that we faced, how we had to overcome, how that’s improved our definition of that and understand. How we understood how to become driven every day.”

Lee will take on a different role this year.

He won’t be on the field as much on defense but he will also have opportunity to make plays on special teams.

“You know you can make big-time plays on special teams, you make an impact on the game and any way I can help try to make plays, I want to be a part of that. One try to make an impact on the game as a linebacker, there are a lot of positions there with a need that you can be effective in. So any way that I can help them I will try to do it.”


“All these players are with Zeke," NFL hall of famer and former Cowboy Michael Irvin said. "they’re not talking against him, they’re not saying ‘Zeke should be here, Zeke signed a contract.’ We just watched last year how that situation deteriorated so badly in Pittsburgh to even when it was time for Le’Veon Bell to come back he didn’t really want to come back because he had heard all the things he heard.

"I am optimistic of it.”

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