All contractor bids to connect Loop 11 to Lucy Park rejected

All bids to connect Loop 11 to Lucy Park rejected

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - It's been over three years since the city was first opened up the bidding process for contractors to finish the hike and bike trail in Wichita Falls.

Since then enough has changed that all of those bids received have been rejected.

“You don’t see a motion to reject very often,” said Wichita Falls’ mayor Stephen Santellana

In his presentation to city council this morning Russell Schreiber of Public Works explained that of the bids he received none of them were able to stay within budget.

“It’s pretty uncommon. We were pretty shocked at the bid price for the city for that project,” said Schreiber.

“This was just such a great discrepancy between the bid and what we had budgeted that the only thing we could was reject that bid totally,” said Santellana.

Two of the main issues included the increase in the cost of labor and materials in the three years since the bid was written and difficulty for workers to access the trail.

“Being in the location where it is, it’s just difficult for a contractor to get access,” said Schreiber.

“That’s kind of the reality of that location, how difficult it’s going to be to build that section of trail," said Schreiber. “That’s kind of where we’re at today.”

In order to stay in budget, both Mayor Santellana and Schreiber said Wichita Falls residents can only expect about three-quarters of the trail to get done.

“Kind of sad/disappointing that we’re not going to be able to finish that completely but we have another round of funds coming in another year,” said Santellana. “We;'ll try to work that in, try and get this thing completed in it’s entirety.”

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