Moguls finding inspiration in LJ Collier’s success

Collier's ascension to NFL inspiring Munday team

MUNDAY, Texas (TNN) - A lot has happened since the last time are teams were on the field for football activities, including Munday native L.J. Collier being drafted in the first round by the Seattle Seahawks.

So what does Munday head coach Patrick Corcoran say about his impact?

“The pride of knowing that guy used to grace this grass," coach Corcoran said. “Understand you have to put in the work, that’s what is going to happen, because that’s what that young man did. He had natural ability, don’t get me wrong,what he did to get himself in that position is an incredible story.”

Collier was an All-district selection as a Mogul, earning defensive MVP in the state title game as a junior.

At TCU, he earned first-team All-Big 12.

Now, his story of making it to the NFL from a small town is inspiring the current Munday team.

“I remember watching him as I grew up," Munday senior Kameron Redder said. "I lived here all my life, I’ve seen a lot of good athletes here. So watching him grow up and play on that defensive end spot, when I used to play it, it motivated me every day to keep pushing, keep going.

"No matter what your dreams are, no matter big or small; you can always achieve them if you try.”

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