New gravel grind race headed towards a great start

New gravel grind race headed towards a great start

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Gravel grind races are taking off across the county and it is no different in Wichita Falls. Two of the three gravel grind races debuting during this year’s Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred has already sold out.

“It's a new challenge. It's different. I think when hotter n hell decided to introduce that as a new race into that weekend. I think it was such a smart decision because we have people from all over the country coming in just for the gravel race,” said Grava del Fuego Director Vicki Boyle.

Cyclists from all over Texas and Oklahoma are also heading to Wichita Falls for the chance to test their skills early.

During tomorrow's preview of the Grava del Fuego ride they will be able to get a feel of the course which the route master, Ryan Raeke, planned out with a team of other cyclists.

“It’s not just going to be gravel you’re going to get a mix of dirt, some soft sand, there’s a section of the travel that’s going to have chip seal out there,” Raeke said.

For those trying out gravel grinding for the first time, tip number one is to use a mountain bike, hybrid bike, or gravel bike, not a road bike. Also, be ready for the unexpected.

“Gravel has it's own challenges. You're unsupported, you're out there on your own. You have to rely on a map being in your bike computer or on your phone. Roads are not closed off roads are completely open,” Boyle said.

“Just expect to have a lot of fun but know that anything can happen. Remember to charge your headlight cause it’s going to be dark and I would also recommend bringing a power pack. So, if your light does die you can plug in and charge if you are riding,” Raeke stated.

The Grava del Fuego 100K preview kicks off at 7:05 pm.

To sign up for Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred rides and races visit the website’s registration page.

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