Cyclists encourage more women to participate

Cyclists encourage more women to participate

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The biking community in Wichita Falls is growing and one group wants to make sure women aren’t getting left behind.

“There are a lot more women riders out there then you realize,” said Diana Snow.

Diana Snow, a cyclist for three years and supporter of the Endurance House Women’s Cycling group, wants to empower women by hosting women’s-only rides.

“Maybe having this group will help them be more comfortable in riding," said Snow. "I would just like to be able to help women.”

“It’s a wonderful sport. I’m seventy years old and I just love it,” said fellow cyclist Pat Finnell.

Snow said most women either cycle by themselves or with a family member, so she hopes these rides will create an atmosphere that’s supportive and encouraging.

“It’s just empowering to women to realize they can cycle, they can hit that mileage just like the guys,” said Snow.

Finnell, who’s been cycling for almost fifty years and will be competing in her 27th Hotter N’ Hell this year, she believes this sport is perfect for women of all ages

“I think it’s a wonderful sport,” said Finnell. “We can talk while we’re doing it and you can do it for many years. You will not be out in the countryside by yourself and that’s very reassuring.”

“It’s just encouraging," said Snow. "It makes me excited.”

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