MSU Texas has social media livestream for incoming students

msu social media livestream

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - MSU Texas hosted its 4th annual live Q and A on social media last night.

Students livestreamed from the university’s campus, helping incoming and current students start their school year off right.

“We are asking the students to ask us questions about move in day or the first day of class, just anything about the year,” stream moderator Maryn Heil said. ”I tried to pick people who were involved on campus whether that be like orientation leaders, RA’s, cheerleaders, just people who are involved and familiar with the school.”

AJ Lopez III, the universities social media manager, told me that they wanted to reach as many people as possible. In past years, they have just streamed on Facebook, this year they’re also using Instagram.

“Most of our students are on Instagram so that’s the platform we want to use because they’re all on there,” Lopez said.

The goal for tonight’s stream is to ensure every student coming to MSU is fully prepared for their first day come August 26th.

“The students are a little nervous so this will help you know kind of help calm their anxiety,” Lopez said.

“I think it’s a good opportunity for incoming students to still get those answers before they come in,” Heil said.

Classes start at MSU August 26th. Officials with MSU say other events similar to this are planned throughout the year for students wanting to learn more about the university.

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