Seymour business expansion

Seymour businesses expanding

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Emily Bjorkland with News Channel 6 spoke to 3 new businesses that have opened in Seymour just since May.

Emily said the Economic Development Office in Seymour claims its the type of businesses showing up that are growing. Businesses that focus on an experience rather than a purchased good.

With a lot of businesses starting, changing ownership, or moving -- downtown Seymour is the best place to go if you want your business to stay put.

Seymour businesses booming

For Leslie Hertel, she wanted a place to bring together the community of Seymour and surrounding areas. So she opened up Panther Gymnastics in May of this year.

Leslie Hertel told Emily that their reasoning for expanding their businesses is simply due to a love of the community and a desire to see it thrive.

Lauren Bush, Seymour Economic Development Director, says, “When you live in rural Texas... What do you always hear? There’s nothing to do. So we are now answering that complaint in a way that we have never answered it before.”

Seymour Business Expansion

For those business owners like Myranda Baldwin of the Ice House who has lived here her whole life.. she says the increase in local business is going to help regrow Seymour and help put it back on the map.

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