WFPD reminds drivers about school bus and school zone safety

WFPD reminds drivers about school bus and school zone safety

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The Wichita Falls Police Department would like to remind drivers of the laws surrounding school buses and school zones as thousands of kids in WFISD head back to school tomorrow.

Traffic going both directions must stop when a school bus stops unless there’s a median in the road, and it’s imperative to stay stopped until the bus begins moving again because some kids could be crossing in front of the bus.

Police are also reminding drivers to make sure to obey speed limits in school zones.

Vehicles behind a school bus that starts flashing red lights or the stop sign swing arm comes out are required to stop. Kids are going to be crossing the street and sometimes their mind isn’t on safety.

Everyone needs to be looking out for them and please put away your cell phones when you’re in school zones.

Officers will be patrolling school zones tomorrow to keep kids safe and they say there will be zero tolerance for any law violations.

They say it’s not about writing tickets, but about spreading awareness and keeping children safe.

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