MSU Texas: Radiologic Sciences department trains with new equipment ahead of new school year

MSU Texas: Radiologic Sciences department trains with new equipment ahead of new school year

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - With a week and a half to go until the first day of class, the construction is coming to an end and training is beginning at the new Centennial Hall on the campus of Midwestern State University.

All of the new equipment is digital and state of the art technology.

MSU’s president says it’s rarely affordable or accessible in an educational setting.

“The training is excellent, and we are learning so much about our new equipment that we have here,” said Vicki Sanders, RA Clinical Coordinator, MSU Texas.

MSU Texas Faculty members that have been in the field for years say the new equipment in The Shimadzu School of Radiologic Sciences is going to benefit students truly.

“I think the students will be so excited to see all of this new equipment and get to see the equipment that they will be using in their clinical environment,” said Sander. "All of this equipment is digital radiography and is probably the equipment that they will be using in the field.

Students have always had a hand on lessons but will now have the latest tools at their fingertips.

“We had been sort a behind on the equipment. We had what was called computed radiography and now what we will have is digital radiography which means when they get the image it goes directly to a computer screen and they can analyze it from there,” said Dr Beth Veale, Interim Chair Shimadzu school of Radiologic Science.

She also says they are one of the few universities in the country to have the equipment.

It’s all thanks to a determined staff that landed a corporate sponsorship that provides medical equipment and a 10-year service plan for the University’s program.

“I feel so lucky to have this partnership with Shimadzu and for our Dean Jeff Killen and our Provost Dr. James Johnston who worked so hard to broker this deal. So, we are just really excited and hope that we will attract more students now that we have this equipment,” said Dr. Veale.

Next week the department will get a chance to learn about their new equipment.

The first classes in the new facility will begin on Aug. 26th, and a grand opening celebration is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 6th.

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