DPS trace identity of body found under Highway 287

DPS trace identity of body found under Highway 287

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - DPS troopers have traced the identity of a man found under a bridge along Highway 287 in Clay County. They are coordinating with law enforcement out of Nevada and Florida to find his family. DPS will not be releasing his name until his family has been notified.

Until then they’ll be investigating what may have led to his death.

DPS state troopers are not sure what caused the man to end up off the highway under a bridge lying next to his motorcycle.

“He had a bunch of stuff on his bike, so you could tell he'd been traveling,” said DPS Sgt. Dan Buesing.

Law enforcement said the man was found 30 to 40 feet off the center median, far down enough and under so much brush that drivers passing by would not be able to see him.

The only way he was found is because bridge surveyors happened to come to the spot where he was lying along the highway.

DPS troopers said the man had had been deceased for several days.

It is not easy for troopers to find where he may have been from based on the license plate that was on his bike.

“It was a little bit mangled up so we're running multiple states,” said Buesing.

Right now, they have leads that trace back to Nevada and Florida.

Sgt. Buesing said if anyone is to ever happen upon a grim scene like the one off of Highway 287, do as the bridge surveyors did, “Call 911. You just give the location, what happened, and a description of what you saw. Always safely get off the highway of course if you’re on any busy roadway, and then make your calls and help out how you can.”

State troopers and Clay County sheriff’s deputies spent hours searching the scene. They will be inspecting the motorcycle to find out what may have caused its rider to go off the road.

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