Copper Breaks Fire 40 percent contained

Copper Break Fire 40 percent contained

HARDEMAN COUNTY, Texas (TNN) - The Texas A&M Forest Service was reporting 40 percent containment as of 4:30 p.m with no threat to homes. They say the fire appears to be moving west.

“This is probably the biggest fire we’ve had in 20 years that I can think of,” said Quanah Volunteer Fire Department captain Kade Risinger.

At 10 a.m. Friday morning, Risinger and his crew responded to a hunting lodge on fire on star valley road.

Since then the fire’s grown to 8,000 acres, with no break for Quanah and other local fire departments.

“This’ll be the third day straight, 24/7 on it,” said Risinger.

Texas A&M Forest Service got to the fire yesterday bringing bulldozers, motograters and helicopters in an attempt to relieve firefighters.

“We are bringing in more resources that way they can go back to taking their regular emergency calls,” said Kari Hines, the Texas A&M Forest Service public information officer assigned to the Copper Break fire.

And it hasn’t been an easy battle with the location adding fuel to the fire.

“Where it’s burning is mostly a lot of hunting land so there’s not a lot of grazing from cattle or anything like that so there’s a lot of fuel like that on the ground,” said Risinger. “Plus the cedar trees and the low humidity and the high temperatures and the wind blowing 20-30 miles per hour every day is really what kept it from being able to be contained.”

“It’s in a very difficult to access area, a lot of steep terrain and new brush so it makes it difficult for our firefighters to get up next to it,” said Hines.

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