Midwestern State University staff train with new technology

Midwestern State University staff train with new technology

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) -Today members of Midwestern State University’s Respiratory Department spent the day learning how to use their new tools in their new health and science building. The staff was able to practice with new life-like mannequins that talk, breath and simulate illness.

“This is great. It’s going to allow them to really do what they are going to do in real life but here within the university setting. So, this is going to give them a safe environment, a controlled environment to practice their skills altogether. Ultimately, we know that in the hospital setting everybody collaborates. We are not a single individual. We work as a team, so we want to do that here as well,” Assistant Professor Randy Case said.

Midwestern State University’s Respiratory Department has always had dolls to practice on before, but nothing like these state-of-the-art ones

“We can simulate all the different diseases that our patients may have. We can innovate our patients, hook them up to the ventilator so the students can really see what it would look like if they were taking care of patients. For instance, patients with asthma, COPD, a newborn baby, and things like that,” Jennifer Anderson, Respiratory Care Program Chair, said.

Anderson said with the new features and technology; they will be able to see it, practice it and be completely hands-on. Not like the old days.

"Before we did a lot of simulation, basically just talking about what would happen. We had mannequins that were low fidelity where we could innovate them things like that, but they couldn't actually hear the breath. We would do a lot of videos and scenarios and try to help them understand that way," Anderson said.

Staff said the new building and technology would make the training opportunities are limitless.

“We can make every scenario different and very specific," said Case. “We can go through labor and delivery, and we can have a birth, we can have a neonatal type of scenario we can have an adult scenario. We can do everything. We can do pretty much anything our mannequins go from the tiniest of babies all the way to the adult stage. So, it really allows the student to have a good opportunity to see a wide variety of areas throughout the health and science department. Also, utilizing all of the technology with the cameras that way, we can show the students what they’ve done. They can look back and see if they made a mistake so they can look back see so they can change that for the future.”

MSU’s teachers are excited to enhance their skills because they love to continue to learn new things.

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