Northside running back plays through vision loss

Northside RB playing with vision loss

VERNON, Texas (TNN) - One team playing their first game this Friday is the Northside Indians and one of their seniors will have a different view when he hits the field.

“Just getting to run the ball and hit people, I just enjoy it," Northside running back Trevor King said.

Trevor King is like most high school football players, athletic and just loves the game.

In his senior season for the Indians, he is getting the opportunity to move from lineman to running back.

“He’s able to carry the load for us this year," Northside head coach Jeremy Reeder said. "We are going to rotate probably four or five backs this year but he’s the kid that is going to go out there and get us started for sure.”

“Depend on him to be there," Northside assistant coach Chris Casarez said. "To do anything, he’s always volunteering to help do this, help do that.”

But there is one thing that makes Trevor different from his teammates.

“It’s called Stargardt’s macular degeneration," King said. “Things in the middle of my sight are kind of blurry and sometimes not there, but I can see everything on the outside, out of my peripherals."

Is it pretty rare?

“Very rare but it’s crazy because me and my sister both have it now," King said.

Stargardt is a progressive vision loss condition.

The photo-receptors in the retina, which are in the back of your eye, start dying because of a mutation in the ABCA4 gene.

About 32,000 Americans are effected by this disease.

So imagine you’re playing a fast-paced sport like football, but you can’t see anything right in front of you; that would be pretty difficult, but for King he’s not letting that slow him down.

“I try to do the best I can to show other kids, if they have something to slow them down, to push through it," King said. "Anyone can conquer anything.”

“He’s got a way harder life than I do and he’s just got a smile on his face, laughing, joking around," Casarez said. Well what do I have to be sad about. He’s a really good kid.

"He’s an inspiration to not only me but the other kids also.”

Coach Reeder said he doesn’t really have to change his game plan with Trevor in the backfield because he just lowers his head and runs.

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