MSU President’s Picnic for students

MSU President's Picnic


Midwestern State University President Dr. Suzanne Shipley invited students to the Sikes House Lawn for a picnic Thursday evening.

The fourth annual Presidents Picnic had a great turnout with hundreds of Mustangs showing up to the event which has become a highlight at the beginning of each school year.

Basketball player and grad student Elizabeth Cathcart said, “This is my final one so it’s a little bitter sweet. I guess but it’s just nice to interact with everyone. You get to see faculty out of the classroom setting and I always get to say ‘Hi’ to the president and tell her whats up.”

The picnic is a place where Dr. Shipley not only talks to students she gets in on the action as well by participating in the various games set out on the lawn.

“I think it’s really important that the students know who their president is. This is their house. So, they know where it is and how to access me,” Dr. Shipley said.

The picnic has helped all students feel welcome and has especially given a boost to international students like Student President Kerdell Cuffy who is from the Common Wealth of Dominica.

“You’re immersed in a new culture and you’re not sure how to go about getting yourself engaged. When you come to a picnic and you see that everyone is just all together, it’s not really a big deal, and I’m like ‘Ok, this is fun’,” Cuffy said.

Having fun and making students feel like the MSU is their home away from home is what the annual picnic is all about.

Dr. Shipley added, “I just want them to feel part of MSU as soon as possible. There’s so many people who aren’t home anymore, and they’re a distance from home, and they’re missing their friends. We just don’t want people to be homesick. We want them to think of us as home.”

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