PCISD Superintendent speaks out after vaping video goes viral

Updated: Aug. 30, 2019 at 4:48 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) -For the first time we’re hearing from Petrolia CISD Superintendent, David Hedges about the video he posted on the district’s Facebook page showing vape products students are using.

As of Friday morning, the video had reached more than 6 million views.

“It was just for our parents. I never dreamed that it would spread and be as popular,” said Hedges. “We’ve had schools from across the US contact us wanting a link to the video because not all of their employees have a Facebook. They just want them to see it so they know what to look for.”

What shocked most people is one of the vape products was shaped like a watch.

Hedges said a student told a principal about the fake watch after seeing a fellow student bring it to school.

“You’ve got underage kids that can buy them. You got older kids that are 18, who are buying them and selling them to younger kids,” said Hedges. “I think the accessibility is so easy for them.”

Colby Frysinger, a concerned citizen, hadn't seen the video until Friday and he was shocked.

“If you got to hide it, then it’s being made for a kid,” said Frysinger. “There is no adult that’s going to want to hide it. The Juul, that’s understandable for an adult because you don’t want to have a big bulky thing in your pocket but the watch is a kid thing.”

When it comes to the new smoking age law taking effect on September 1st, Hedges doesn’t think it will make a difference.

The new law will make it illegal to sell traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and other tobacco products to Texans younger than 21.

Hedges said their goal is to keep making their students and parents aware of how this can be harmful to them.

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