Montague County Child Welfare Board House renovations

Montague County Child Welfare Board House renovations

BOWIE, Texas (TNN) - The Montague County Child Welfare Board House is done with renovations, improving the house and help the board can offer.

“That house that they have now is where we’ve been providing those services to families for quite some time,” Patsy’s House executive director Denise Roberts said.

The board calls it “the house that builds better families,” and inside is a family of organizations, Patsy’s House, Casa of Red River and A World For Children.

All able to share the space and provide what the board calls “wrap-around care.”

“Wrap-around care really signifies our dream of really providing as much care and comfort to these kids as possible," chairman Austin Wright said. "All the resources that would go into wrapping our children in the care that they need in-county that’s what we’re trying to provide here.”

The renovations have improved the spaces available for Patsy’s House, including an interview room with a camera in the wall to make the children more comfortable inside.

“The first step in that process is for them to be able to tell in their own voice through a recorded interview with a forensic interviewer about what has happened to them if there is something that happened so there is that safe place for them to come and have their own voice to tell.”

CASA and A World for Children have their own office space in the house as well.

Foster parent Kaylee Yeargin is glad to see the board bringing so many resources together after they were helpful when one of her fosters arrived at her house with only a t-shirt and jeans in the middle of winter.

“Austin showed up to our house that night before the kid even went to school, showed up with five jackets, not just one and it made me proud to know they care about our kids that much,” she said.

The board is hosting an open house on Sunday from 12-3 p.m. for anyone to come to see. The address is 506 Hulme St.

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