Attendees react to After Hours Artwalk

Web Exclusive: Attendees react to After Hours Artwalk

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The After Hours Artwalk was held once again on Thursday, Sept. 5 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in downtown Wichita Falls. News Channel 6 reporters caught up with a few of the attendees.

Kadance, Trauma Queens co-founder, said “I think that the last Artwalk of the year is going to be probably the biggest, just like it was last year. It was pretty jam-packed last year, in October.”

Brannon Oliver, Gypsy Kit Bar management, said the Artwalk is one of their most looked forward to monthly events.

Oliver said “Every Artwalk is one of those days that we look forward to in the month because it brings a lot of business in, but at the same time we’ve got all the artwork and artists that’re in town here too checking out the music and getting down on some food."

Web Exclusive: After Hours Artwalk scenery

Kyle Dalka, Progress and Provisions Craft Kitchen owner and chef, said “The Artwalk in general this year has seen a tremendous growth in the amount of people coming downtown for this and the other businesses are teaming up and doing fun events for the night of Artwalk. I’m excited to see what we do for the last one and for also what is to come next year.”

Ralph Stearns, local famous artist, was at the Artwalk trying to get donations to get Wally back in the pond on Southwest Parkway.

Stearns said “Wally needs to go back into that little pond on Southwest Parkway. It’s a great thing for our city and it enhances the art culture of our city.”

Web Exclusive: Attendees react to After Hours Artwalk

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