Circle Trail added to “Access Wichita Falls” app


WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Exciting news for the Circle Trail in Wichita Falls. Starting today you can report issues like cracks, fallen branches, and litter easily from your phone.

“We rely on citizens to tell us when things are wrong so, this is just going to be a great way for them to help us out,” PIO for Wichita Falls Eric Crosslin said.

The Circle Trail has been added to the Access Wichita Falls app, which is a slimmed down version of the report a concern section on the city’s website. In the app, there is only a few sections, compared to the 40 online.

“We streamlined it that way so you get on there, pick your thing, you can take a picture or not, you can gave it log your GPS, or not, and it just helps us get out there quicker,” Crosslin said.

Cyclist and member of Bike Wichita Falls Diana Snow says this addition will make it a lot easier to report issues, and know they’ll be taken care of.

“Before I would have never called somebody just right away, now it’s just easy because everyone has their phone with them most of the time,” Snow said. “I definitely think it’s a win win for cyclists and the city for sure.”

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