WFISD approves waivers for class size and dual credit

WFISD Board Meeting: Sept. 10 2019

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) -Wichita Falls ISD held a special session Tuesday afternoon, and a couple of waivers were on the agenda to keep the district in line with state requirements.

The state requires the student to teacher ratio for elementary to fourth-grade classrooms to be 22:1.

If there are more students than the 22:1 ratio than a waiver is needed.

The Associate Superintendent Peter Griffiths said they have been able to reduce the amount of those waivers the school district needs.

In 2016 there were 32 classes in eight different schools that needed waivers, but it is much better this year.

"So, now we only have it on four classes with three campuses. What we have done is try to keep some consistency, and so that has allowed us to keep our waivers down. It is good for the campuses, it is good for the kids, and it is good for planning," Associate Superintendent Peter Griffiths.

Griffith said this is something they continue to follow carefully, and at the next meeting, he may have some adjusted numbers as they are looking to bring on another teacher.

At the school board meeting, waivers for dual credit students were also approved.

Each school year, the state expects students to complete 75,600 minutes and those minutes get further complicated when students take dual enrollment courses because school calendars do not always match up. Class minutes get recorded at different times.

The new waiver ensures that students and the district do not get penalized.

"Vernon or MSU their calendar is different from ours, so they either start school after we do or end school; before we do, so there is some time there where there are no classes cause MSU does not have a class and, Vernon does not have a class. The waiver that we asked for was for those student that are attending those campus to be waived of the 75 thousand six hundred minutes," said Griffiths

The school board will meet again on Thursday to further discuss the Long-term facility plan.

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