Henrietta VFD: Help us help you

Henrietta VFD needs a larger garage

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The Henrietta Volunteer Fire Department is asking for the community’s help to build a new building to house their newest piece of equipment.

The Henrietta VFD is expanding with the growing community, so when they got a chance to purchase a ladder truck, they jumped on it. However, they have one little problem: the size of the truck in the limited space is affecting their response time.

“The response from our houses, which are all over the community; some of us are a block away, and some of us are up to a couple of miles. So our response time is two-three minutes to get here, then get on a truck, then get out. So, our response times are 5-6 minutes to any type of call,” Tony Benedict, volunteer firefighter, said.

Benedict said it tacks on another two to three minutes at least just to get on their way to the fire. Every minute and every second count when dealing with fire.

“Where the trucks are located right now you have to do nine-point turn to get it out of the bay that its housed in before it is ready to roll. So it slows us down a lot,” Benedict said. “I’ve seen people take as much as 5 or 6 minutes to try to get it out without taking out part of the garage.”

J.D. Evans, volunteer firefighter, said that’s not the only thing they are worried about.

“The main thing is that it’s exposed to the weather," Evans said. “It does not like cold weather. There is water on board the truck if we plan on using it, if we are not going to use it we have to drain it. If you have to use it you bring it out, you have to make sure all the pumps are working, and it can take a while.”

Evans said this is more time and more manpower that the VFD does not have.

Henrietta VFD will be participating in Texoma Gives on Thursday, Sept. 12 if you would like to contribute to their cause.

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