9/11 leaves lasting impression on Wichita Falls residents

9/11 leaves lasting impression on Wichita Falls residents

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - “I just remember the teacher stopped and wheeled in a TV and showed us everything that happened,” Ashlee Wolf said.

it was a day that changed how Americans looked at terrorism.

“It was the first time we learned in nursing school that you wouldn’t be able to leave to go home to your family in an emergency, that you’d need to stay and take care of the things that need to be taken care of,” Jennifer Zurbriggen said.

In November of 2001 the department of homeland security and Transportation security administration were established adding new rules, including restrictions on luggage and carry-on’s.

In 2018 the TSA averaged around 11 guns found in carry-on’s each day in airports across the country, a new record and has been increasing.

“I feel really safe, they check you really well. There’s always that concern that something like that could happen again, but they really put a lot of safeguards in place where you don’t have to worry when you travel,” Wolf said.

While the intensity of the inspection may bother some, the safety they feel at the airport is important.

“When you’re standing in that line waiting and they’re making you do all the searches and checks, it’s frustrating but it makes you feel a little more confident that there are these precautions for these people who don’t have any morals,” Zurbriggen said.

Safety that stays, even when the tragedy isn’t the first thing on everyone’s minds.

“We need prayers, and we need to come together, and we need to bring kindness back and bring love back and just be America,” Zurbriggen said.

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