Lake Wichita projects moving ahead

Lake Wichita projects moving ahead

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - A boardwalk, boat ramp and veteran’s plaza have all been on the planning board for Lake Wichita.

“Right now we’re only focusing on the boardwalk and getting that constructed and the grant for that fulfilled,” project manager Vikesh Desai said.

The grant needs all construction done by June 2020. The city will decide on bids on October 1, AND hopes construction will begin in November.

“Boardwalk itself is going to be out looking into the lake, it’s 200 feet long, 70 feet wide, so it’s a pretty big boardwalk, and then there will be a small sidewalk from the existing trail to the boardwalk,” Desai said.

Those aren’t the only projects in the works.

“When I talk to people they love the projects, they love the ideas, but at the end of the day everyone asks when and how are we going to dredge the lake,” Stewart Harvey, executive director of Friends of the Reservoir Lake Wichita, said.

The dredging will reshape the lake to increase the depth and promote more fish life

Harvey thinks that isn’t the only good that could come from it.

“The majority of what we’re pulling up off the bottom is fine clay,” he said.

The clay is used to create an energy-efficient and durable building material.

Harvey has been in talks with Earth Block International and says Wichita Falls could be sitting on the motherload.

“If you look back behind us at Murphy’s mountain, let’s get some scale, that’s about 13,000 cubic yards, we’re looking at pulling 5 to 7 million cubic yards up off the bottom of the lake," he said.

With cities like San Antonio adopting building codes to include these bricks, he hopes Wichita Falls follows closely behind...

“It’s a pearl that’s been formed and all our job is to do is go down and go get it.”

The Lake Wichita Revitalization Project is part of Texoma Gives, and money raised will go towards testing the clay.

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