High school students who don’t date are less depressed than their counterparts who do, study says

They’re also as good or better in social and leadership skills

(CNN) – Dating. It seems like a normal rite of passage as you hit puberty and reach your teen years.

But what about those who wait a little longer to seek out romantic relationships? Are they truly behind?

The answer appears to be no.

A recent study published in the Journal of School Health reveals that adolescents who choose not to date fare as well as, or even better than, their coupled counterparts in social and leadership skills.

They're also less depressed.

According to researchers, when it comes to relationships, most teens will experience some type of romantic activity by the time they are between 15 and 17 years old.

Researchers collected self-reports from 10th graders, along with teacher surveys, on their dating habits and emotional behavioral information.

The authors of the study say the point is not to encourage teens to avoid dating, but to show that if they don’t it won’t make them abnormal or socially stunted.

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