WFISD to start teaching cursive in second grade this year

WFISD to start teaching cursive in second grade this year

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) -Starting this school year students all over Texas will have to learn to write in cursive according to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills agency.

Though some Texas Schools had gotten away from teaching Cursive writing, WFISD Curriculum Specialist Mae Walker said Wichita Falls students have never stopped.

“I know there are a lot of benefits for students that are dyslexic, and I know there is a lot of research behind that and how that can help," said Mae Walker. Some students, their handwriting and their spelling improves whenever they are able to write in cursive. For some reason, it just clicks a little better to be able to see and write in cursive. I want students to be able to be successful in reading.”

Under the new rules, Texas students will begin learning cursive in second grade, a grade earlier than before. They will now be expected to write full words and thoughts by third grade.

Lamar Elementary Teacher Amanda Hernandez said she started right in on cursive review and practice with her fourth-graders within the first week of this school year.

“They don’t have a signature, and they need a signature," said Hernandez. “Beforehand I sign something and I look at the kids, and they would print and it kind of threw me off. Now that we are doing cursive they get to put their personality into their writing, so I think parents are all for it. I know I am, and they are.”

Walker and Hernandez both agree the pace students learn cursive will be up to them.

“Before I really could tell that some students were struggling," said Hernandez. "It was ‘you’re killing me, Mrs. Hernandez,’ But I think now they realize there is more of a flow to it they don’t have to pick up their pencil as much it is coming along more smoothly with them.”

Hernandez said most of her students like writing in cursive and take pride in their work.

Many school districts in Texas currently do not teach students how to write in cursive. Beginning this 2019-2020 school year, elementary school students in every Texas school district will be instructed in cursive writing.

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