HPT Clay County: Electro-Fishing in Lake Arrowhead

HPT Clay County: Electro-Fishing in Lake Arrowhead

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Texas Parks and Wildlife Biologists tested the population of blue catfish at Lake Arrowhead in Clay County on Monday, Sept. 19.

Our crews went along as the biologists electro-fished, and as shocking as this may seem, it’s actually a great way to determine how healthy the population of catfish is in the lake.

Robert Mauk, Texas Parks and Wildlife Biologist, said “We have a generator on board, we have a box that can change the frequency and can control AC & DC, it puts electricity in the water which will stun the fish and they will come up, we will net, measure and weigh them, then release them back into the lake.”

The shock was temporary and the fish swam away immediately after release.

Electro-fishing is illegal for the public to conduct. This test was for research purposes only and all fish were released afterwards. Fish do not have pain receptors and these fish in particular were only temporarily stunned during the process.

Biologists say the population of blue catfish is absolutely thriving since the last test six years ago and that’s great news for the health of the lake.

We will wrap up this week’s hometown pride tour tomorrow and we’ll be live all afternoon at the biggest event in Clay County: The Pioneer Reunion.

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