New Wichita County Jail on budget and on track

New Wichita County Jail on budget and on track

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - A 70-million-dollar bond project--The Wichita County Law Enforcement Center is starting to take shape. The center will replace all three of the old facilities currently in use and it will provide more program space, an in-house infirmary and a book-in area.

“Couldn’t be more pleased with how things are going at this point,” said Wichita County Commissioner Mark Beauchamp.

General Superintendent Jon Bormann said there are many steps, details, and people involved in a project like the new Law Enforcement Center. It will provide much-needed space for the Sheriff’s Office and more than 600 beds.

“It takes every single person that you see out here to do everything the right way the first time," said Bormann. "Even with the checks and the quality control and the reports that we have to submit about everybody and there are a lot of trades involved: the electricians, mechanics, plumbing, and the concrete people.”

This project employs more than ten local contractors and any day there are more than one hundred people on the job site.

“There are three to four more people every day because we are spreading out, we’re connecting stuff to the building electrically," said Bormann. “Same thing with plumbing. With our reinforcing crews the numbers are increasing. This time next month, we won’t double, but we will probably have an increase in what we see right now of at least 30-40 percent more people on site.”

The new state-of-art jail has many features Beauchamp thinks will impact those who work there and pass through its gates.

“We will have a full infirmary which will allow us to treat most medical conditions, even dental conditions, in the facility and not have to transport inmates outside into the community,” said Beauchamp.

Beauchamp adds the way they are designing this new facility will make things more efficient, cut down on overtime cost, and enhance safety.

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