GOTW Preview: Fast defenses ready to slow down prolific offenses

GOTW Preview: fast defense vs prolific offense

CHILLICOTHE, Texas (TNN) - One thing that makes sports so special, it requires an all-around good performance to succeed.

You can be clicking on all cylinders on offense, but if your defense isn’t playing well then your team might lose.

That hasn't been the case for Chillicothe or Notre Dame.

Besides when the Eagles faced number one Jayton, both them and the Knights have been stellar on both sides of the ball.

Notre Dame has only given up six points this season while Chillicothe has only surrendered six points total in their two wins and both teams say it all comes down to speed.

“Every week we become more physical," Chillicothe head coach Chad Young said. "We are becoming better tacklers. Great defenses are great tacklers so we got some great guys that have come around and led our defense.”

“We found a lot of people that just want to play defense," Chillicothe senior center Adrian Flores said. “We have a few safeties that tackle really good, they make really good tackles and they are pretty speedy, so I think that makes a whole lot of a difference.”

“First two games that we have had have just been really good," Notre Dame head coach Don Carlson said. "They’ve been swarming to the ball and been very quick. Good overall team speed on the defense.”

“Their defense is really good, we have a lot of fast guys so we just have to do good on the offense," Notre Dame senior RB/LB Tony Shen said. "Even our defense is really good so (it will be) who can stop them.”

The Game of the week kicks off Friday 7:30 p.m.

Emily Bjorklund will be in Chillicothe for complete coverage for the Blitz on 6, which starts at 10:15.

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