Solvay sponsors Citizens Day in Vernon

Solvay sponsors Citizens Day in Vernon

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Thursday, Sept. 19 was the first sponsored Citizens Day in Vernon and this year Solvay, a chemical company, teamed up with local communities to focus on the environment. Solvay employees, Vernon officials and a few Vernon ISD students planted trees at Roy Orbison Park.

“Solvay was good enough to come out and donate some trees and have them planted at our park," said Marty Mangum, Vernon City Manager. "We are always glad to have help with things like that. Solvay is one of the biggest employers of our city so we are proud to be partners with this facility.”

The plant manager of Solvay in Vernon, Carl Stewart, talked to Garrett James about why the company wanted to do this.

“This is a part of a global Solvay effort," said Stewart. "It’s our first annual Citizens Day and every plant and facility that Solvay owns worldwide or operates worldwide are participating in this. It’s a global effort to give back to the environment and promote sociable actions.”

They also really wanted to give back to the community.

“It gives us a chance to do something special for the city of Vernon,” said Stewart. “The students will utilize these soccer fields. It gives back to the environment and it is something all of the [Solvay] employees of Vernon wanted to participate in.”

Officials hope the trees will be fully grown in the next five years to help shade the park during soccer games.

Mangum said “It improves the quality of the park obliviously and it’s something that is good for the environment so it’s good for the community.”

Officials also hope to make this an annual day with a different focus each year.

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